3D Laser Surveying

Laser scanning provides fast, efficient data capture for design and modelling in 3D. Cheal provides this service nationwide. 3D laser scanning technology can collect massive amounts of data over complex structures or surfaces and provide as-built plans.

The highly accurate terrestrial scanner records intensity as well as position to =/- 2mm. Point cloud files create an exact replica both in shape and colour of the object which is able to be used immediately. Processing the data using specialist software provides the client with a complete modelled surface for any required application.

Scanning is particularly useful for deformation monitoring, modelling pipework or structures for design and refit, as-built records of complex structures and remote monitoring. Cheal has extensive scanning experience throughout the geothermal and energy and infrastructure sectors.

Laser technology provides Cheal Surveyors with a powerful tool to
  • Rapid capture accurate data with a relative accuracy of 1-6mm
  • Allow rapid survey of features within health hazard or restricted access areas
  • Provide fast turnaround of information with minimal site interference
Benefits for clients
  • Operational efficiencies greater than conventional surveying
  • Reduced ambiguity and return trips to site
  • Allows for more accurate design because of the comprehensive data collected
  • Rapid project turnaround times
  • More field data (up to 976,000 data points per second)
  • High level of detail with photographic image overlays
  • Reduced health and safety risks through remote on-site data capture
  • Decreased construction costs and delays with high quality verified data
  • As-builts, quarries and tunnels
  • Heritage buildings and structures
  • Volume surveys and calculations
  • Real life animations
  • Survey of pipes and mechanical plant
  • Remote monitoring
  • Forensic and accident sites
  • Earthquake and ground subsidence monitoring
  • Topographic surveys
  • Slope stability models


Steve Bowden
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