All forms of farming interact with the resource management industry; however Cheal is one of the few firms with a strong focus on supporting the rural sector.

We can assist you with resource consents, monitoring, groundwater assessments, ecological assessments, surveying and engineering. Our clients include dairy farmers, horticulturalists and viticulturists, and we have been involved in numerous groundwater takes, surface water takes, dairy farm conversions, dairy discharges, and water harvesting schemes.

We’re a great bouncing board for ideas or concerns and are all about finding solutions so that you can get on with your farming operation.

We keep track of changes to the regulatory frameworks and can provide advice on how these may impact your operation.

Many of the resource consents held by rural industries are the type that expire. Cheal has a strong history in consent replacement processes and have assisted many entities in retaining their rights. It’s important to get on to consent replacement applications as early as a year before the current consent expires so contact us to preserve your existing rights.

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