Plan Changes/Policy Statements

District and Regional Plans, Regional Policy Statements and central government planning documents are often changing and these changes could potentially affect you. Cheal planners are experts at submitting on Plan Reviews, Plan Changes, Policy Statements and other planning documents. The submission process includes making a written submission, further submissions and presenting evidence at a hearing. Cheal Planners have recently undertaken this project on behalf of two submitters to the Tukituki Catchment Plan Change which is being heard by a Board of Inquiry for the Environmental Protection Authority. The submissions, further submissions and evidence Ella Bacher of Cheal provided for this project focused on water allocation. Significant positive changes to the Proposed Plan Change have been influenced by Ella in conjunction with the planners for Mr Apple and the Ruataniwha Water Users Group.

Cheal can also assist with submissions to resource consent applications or non-statutory policy documents such as structure plans. Recently Cheal Planners were instrumental in introducing a new zoning specifically for Tuhoe Te Uru Taumatua’s site in Taneatua. Ella Bacher of Cheal submitted on the Draft Whakatane District Plan promoting a new zoning for the site then worked closely with a Council policy officer in developing the zoning rules, policies and objectives and presented the proposal to Councilors. The zone has now been notified in the District Plan Review.

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