Hydrographic Surveying

Cheal has several vessels that are equipped for Hydrographic Surveying, incorporating survey accurate GPS and depth sounder, on rivers, lakes and inshore waters. In conjunction with this work we have the resources to undertake dumping ground surveys, Coastal Zone Management projects, channel surveys, outfall surveys, siltation monitoring, beach gradient surveys, baseline surveys for beach erosion and river level monitoring, detailed cross-section profiles and historical deposition of sediment and volumetric calculations.

Real Time Kinemetic GPS is capable of providing a 3D position with centimetre accuracy. Positioning data is logged and processed in real time by the on-board computer. Water depths are corrected for the motion of the vessel and for tidal variations. All data is time-stamped allowing for post processing and the on-board computer is also capable of outputting annotation to various peripheral printers and recorders for different sensors. The acquired data is charted in-house and data i produced to the client’s standards and specifications.

Coupled with the disciplines of Engineering and Planning, Cheal can continue to provide a truly comprehensive solution to meet our clients’ needs.

Some of Cheal’s recent Hydrographic survey clients include: Mighty River Power, Environment Waikato, Genesis Energy, TrustPower, King Country Energy and Taupo District Council.

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