Civil Engineering

Cheal has high levels of expertise in the Civil Engineering Infrastructure discipline covering earthworks, roading, sewerage, water supply, and stormwater projects. Working within the Energy, Infrastructure, Land Development & Maori Asset Development sectors, our team of experienced Technician and Chartered Professional Engineers can undertake all aspects of a civil engineering project including feasibility studies and cost/benefit analysis, detailed design/construction drawings, and construction supervision /certification.

Cheal engineers can work on small to large projects, ranging from assistance with simple residential scale projects through to land development projects of hundreds of sections over a long term timeframe measured in decades. On land development projects the experience base of our engineering team can result in advice to clients which is invaluable to them in terms of market expectation, cost and complexity of the project vs potential return, and an innovative and solutions orientated approach.

Cheal undertake civil design projects using state of the art design software such as 12d and Autodesk Civil 3D/AutoCAD which link seamlessly to the base survey data provided by the in-house surveying team, and construction dimensional control. Close working relationships with the geotechnical engineering team within Cheal mean that a comprehensive approach can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients. As a result we can add value to our clients’ projects by providing accurate and quick conversion of engineering problems into innovative design options and practical built infrastructure solutions in an economic and sustainable manner.

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