isometric drawing - turbine no 3 and draft tube cavity

King Country Energy Limited own and manage the Wairere Falls Power Station in Aria. The Station was commissioned in 1925 now having 4 turbines with a mean output of 18GWh. Turbine No.3 is about to undergo a major refit with the replacement of the turbine and generator.

King Country Energy engaged Cheal to provide a 3D CAD model of the existing turbine installation, penstock component, and the draft tube including the confined cavities underneath the turbine building at the tailrace.

Traditional survey methods to capture data in order to build a CAD model of this complexity is extremely time consuming and subject to human error. For this complex work Cheal Surveyors used our FARO Focus3D Laser scanner to collect the data. The scanner collects the data quickly, accurately, and remotely without the health and safety hazards associated with traditional methods. The scan of both the turbine room and underneath the turbine room floor within the draft tube/tailrace cavity comprised 16 scan setups with the collection of 390 million points.

Following preparation of the 3D scan model through the FARO software the scan data is exported to Autocad 2012 modified with a Pointools Vortex Plugin software facility for manipulating scan data. The data is then modelled to 3D solids and surfaces ready to be issued to the client for their design team.

The final deliverable is accurate and complete. With the vast of amount of data captured there is no need for a re-visit to the site. Due to the short shut down time of 1 hour within the draft tube cavity the fast capture of data with the scanner allowed our operator to access the site complete the survey and exit the site within this timeframe safely and without the need for revisit.